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Raising money locally and giving it to worthy causes in Alresford and the surrounding villages.

These are troubling times for all of us. As a community organisation, the Pigs are standing by to assist in the coming weeks and months. In anticipation of help required by various individuals and groups but without knowing what form this assistance my take, we are asking for donations now which will enable us to act when needed. If you can, please spare whatever you can manage so we can continue to support our community as we have done for over 40 years.

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Phase 1 Target: £25,000

Raised So Far - up to 17th May:

£25,000+ We Made It!

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far we have reached our initial funding target of £25,000.

This gives us a large portion of the funding we would distribute to worthy causes in a normal year. However this is not a normal year. In anticipation of many more requests for funds in these extraordinary times, we will continue to raise funds and ask you all to support us.

Stay tuned for some fun and exciting initiatives from us but in the meantime, please feel free to keep donating!

Your Community
Needs YOU



The Alresford Pigs Association offers financial support to local clubs, organisations, individuals and good causes relying upon the local community to inform us where our help is required.

We are a small organisation comprising people who either live or work in Alresford and who regularly give their various expertise and time to achieve incredible things for people who often desperately need help.

Over the past 40 years we have assisted countless individuals and families, along with all of the local schools, many of the local football, cricket & rugby clubs, along with cubs, scouts, beavers, brownies, guides and youth clubs. Find out more here >>>

People often ask if there are those in Alresford and the surrounding areas who could really be in need of help and the answer is simple. If you live in or around Alresford, the chances are that someone no more than a couple of streets from you has needed and received our help at some point. More importantly, there are possibly people that close to you do who still do.

We are always seeking needy causes to support so do you need our help?

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