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Christmas Trees Terms & Conditions

Alresford Pigs Association (APA) Christmas Tree Installation Terms and Conditions

The Christmas trees are prepared and installed by an entirely volunteer workforce.  The success of the project depends on mutual goodwill of both volunteers and customers. When ordering a tree it is assumed you are requesting the APA to install and take it down (an opt-out is available). The APA requires customers to agree to the terms and conditions in order to keep the volunteer workforce safe and understand where the division of responsibility lies. (We have written our terms in plain English to support that goal).

What the customer can expect from the APA

All Christmas trees are supplied with an attached selection of coloured lights on a single 240v electrical cable.  You have a choice of electrical connections.  The lights will be PAT tested by a professional electrician, and then installed by a volunteer workforce.  There will be three dates when blown bulbs will be replaced, no need to book.  Your tree will then be collected - you just need to unplug. 

What the APA expects from the customer

The APA volunteers will take the greatest of care to install your Christmas tree on your property, but it must be accepted by customers that unintentional, inadvertent damage to property could occur during the installation or take down.  Customers must accept this risk as part of the installation, and whilst APA will help where it is within their ability to do so, they will not be responsible for making good any damage.

Customers must take all reasonable precautions to ensure the electricity connection for the bulb ‘string’ is safe (eg, no indoor extension cables used outdoors).  Our volunteers are not compelled to plug into electricity supply they deem unsafe.

The APA will secure the Christmas Tree to the property, but customers are subsequently responsible for ensuring the tree stays securely attached to their property.  Any concerns can be raised with the APA who will assist with making it good.

The tree, electrical string and bulbs remain the property of the APA/CoC at all times.


Payment is due before delivery.