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Supporting the Alresford “Shed” project


The Alresford Pigs have supported the Alresford Men’s Shed with a substantial donation to help the charity to be established in the town. The idea of a “Men’s Shed” is that it provides a workshop and meeting place, mainly for retired men. If they don’t have many practical skills then they are still welcome, maybe they can gain them or polish budding skills at the Shed, it is a place where they can meet other guys and become involved in projects, often which benefit the community. In doing so they develop relationships, get out of the house, and gain something with a purpose. Often they would also have their own DIY repair jobs, and other skilled Shed members would help them undertake these, using shared experience.

Frequently their wives also encourage this activity, not only to get the repair jobs done, but to get them out of the house for a change! This might be why the Alresford Ladies Group has also promised the Shed a donation: all the founder members are men - but if there is a demand then they will accommodate ladies who might want to use the woodworking facilities, or other tools, or just need to use space to repair something for themselves. The Alresford Co-op has generously also made a donation, from their Community Fund.

Opening Now!

The Shed Trustees have found some premises in the Dean, in one of the commercial units there. This is short term, in that with the current development plans, in a year or so the site will be re-developed. But in the meantime, the benches and racking for tools are now installed, tools are available, some donated, some purchased, and the Shed will officially open for visitors and Members on Tuesday January 23rd. Initially the opening times are Mondays 0900-1300, Tuesdays 1300-1700 and Thursdays 0900-1700.  

The Shed is looking for projects for the Community, other Charities, and individuals. Materials are chargeable, but the labour is provided - although donations towards the running costs are welcome. Membership is £50 a year. The Shed is located at Unit 1, The Dean: (the Lorem building). Members of the public can bring those repair problems that can’t be done anywhere else, to see what we can do. An underlying rule of the shed is that we do not take away business from anyone else providing a similar service.

The Shed has strict rules for Health and Safety: eg no children in the workshop, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) must be worn, etc.

Over the next year a site for a new Shed is being sought, to allow the Shed members to build a new Shed from scratch.

The Alresford Men’s Shed is a registered Charity. The Shed website is

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