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The OlymPigs

Saturday June 26th 2021

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The OlymPigs is an extension of the tremendous effort put in last year by Pigs members Raph Herbaut, Ben Davies, Steve Gillespie and Jonny Woods - affectionally christened ’The Pigs Trotters’.  Their effort in running a marathon each raised over £2,000 in generous sponsorship and donations on the day from the gazebo we had set up in Broad Street.
As always we’re going bigger and better so this year there are more challenges and more opportunity for the Pigs and the good people of Alresford to get involved so obviously we had to call it the OlymPigs.
Basically we have 5 ‘events’ that people can participate in to varying degrees and by getting sponsorship from friends, family and colleagues can help swell the coffers. Additionally on the day itself, as last year we will set up the Pigs gazebo in Broad street to take donations. 2 of the ‘events’ will take place in the gazebo itself.
Event List:
Running - As last year, a number of Pigs will be attempting to run ‘long’ distances. Are you a runner? Why not incorporate your regular run with some sponsorship and become a Pigs Trotter for 2021!
Cycling - Keith Parrish is heading up this one and is planning to cycle from Lands End to John O Groats in a single day! Well he’ll be covering some serious distance that’s for sure so if pedal power is your poison and you want to join Keith for a lengthy ride to raise some money - sign up for the cycling and become a ‘WartHog Wheeler’ for 2021!
Walking - Probably the easiest event of the lot. We have produced 3 walking routes of varying lengths for people to have a go at so for those wanting to get out and about for something not too strenuous this could be for you. Sign up for the walking and become a ’Saddleback Stroller’ for 2021!
Rowing - Yes you heard right - rowing. One of the events in the Gazebo on Broad Street for the day will be on the Rowing Machine. Sign up for a few clicks, 5 minutes or whatever you think you can manage and get some sponsorship, Rowing is a great workout for the whole body so if you’ve never done much, 5 minutes will be plenty! As we’re on dry land you’ll be unable to dip your Cox in the water but you’ll join the ranks of the ‘Porky Pretend Paddlers
Fixed Bike - It’s Cycling for people who don’t want to go anywhere and the second event to be held in the Gazebo on Broad Street. Jump on and give us 5 or 10 minutes, collect cash from your sponsors and join the ranks of the 'Pot-Bellied Pedallers'!

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