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Christmas Trees

Lighting up Alresford at Christmas!

Each year The Alresford Pigs Association erect, service and remove over 170 Christmas trees in the heart of our town all for a single payment of £60.00 per tree. The Christmas Trees are erected by a volunteer workforce from The Alresford Pigs on behalf of the Alresford Chamber of Commerce.

All profits made by The Alresford Pigs will be used to support local needy causes.

Can't find your address?

The Christmas Tree Project's aim is to make the centre of Alresford an attractive and festive place for residents and visitors. Unfortunately, the limited capacity of our volunteer workforce does not allow us to cater for requests outside the centre of town. If your address does not appear when you type it into the box then we will not be able to offer you a tree.

If you live in the centre of town and believe there is an error with the database please call the tree hotline on 01962-658002 and leave a message stating your address and phone number to call. We will call you back. Alternatively drop us an email

Please update your email address in order to continue.

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